Join via BCSF Amilia

The new Amilia system powering the Vernon Snowmobile Association and all other BC Snowmobile Federation memberships is a very powerful system, unfortunately the first time through the registration process is rather lengthy and not terribly intuitive. The good news is once you’ve registered you will only need to login to purchase your membership for future seasons.

Amilia is the recommended way to register if you belong to multiple BCSF clubs as it allows you to sign up for multiple clubs through a single account.

If you only want to register for the Vernon Snowmobile Association use our quick registration form.

Click here for Amilia help

2023-2024 Season Pass Rates

  • $107 – Primary Adult Membership ($65 VSA, $40 BCSF + $2 GST)
  • $ 87 – Second Adult in Same Household ($45 VSA, $40 BCSF + $2 GST)
  • $ 56 – Youth ($35 VSA, $20 BCSF + $1 GST)
  • $ 65 – Affiliate ($65 VSA, $0 BCSF because you are already a member of another club)

The family membership is no longer a one-click option, each member of the family is added to create a family membership.

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