The Next 50 Years – 2017 and Beyond

The VSA has adapted to the changing face of snowmobiling. With the big mountain machines the trails at Silver Star hold less appeal, however in spite of this the mountain continues to grow and thrive. This is due in part the location, close to Vernon, but also due to a strong sense of nostalgia and attachment by many locals who grew up on the mountain The VSA today contains families who are the third generation of snowmobilers and counts many members with young families who use the area for what it’s great for – safe, accessible family oriented snowmobiling.

The Directors are moving towards a vision which includes events and fundraisers which involve the community and will sustain the VSA moving forward. The riding area has become popular with snow bikes, for snowmobile training and avalanche training. The area is used by the Canadian Military and many other user groups, now all year round.

As much as the VSA is looking forward, the members and directors will not forget the many who came before us. From that first meeting at Norm Sasges’s house in March of 1967, the Vernon Snowmobile Association has become part of the fabric of Vernon. Through responsible growth, boundless dedication and strong foresight of past Members and Directors, the VSA has regained a renewed sense of belonging in the community.

The early members of the Vernon Snowmobile Association laid a strong foundation which has contributed to its success to this day. The dedication and vision of all of the former Presidents, Directors and Members has ensured that the next 50 years will be even better.