The Vernon Snowmobile Association maintains the Silver Star Chalet and the Armstrong Cabin (emergency & warm-up shelters).

Silver Star Chalet

The Silver Star Chalet is approximately 3km from the parking lot on Ganzaveldt trail. The 24′ x 40′ structure contains a great room with a fireplace and a smaller members room with a fireplace. There is an outhouse a few steps south of the entrance.

The Silver Star Chalet was originally built in 1967, was the first of its kind in Western Canada (read more about the History of the VSA). It was determined a portion of the old chalet’s structure was no longer safe so during the summer of 2023 a new chalet was built on the site of the the original Silver Star Chalet.

We couldn’t have built the new chalet without the support of local businesses, volunteers and a grant from The Province of British Columbia.

Building the New Silver Star Chalet

Armstrong Cabin

Located north of Silver Star Provincial Park in the Trinity Ricardo Recreation area, the Armstrong Cabin is a one room cabin with a fireplace and a covered deck for enjoying those beautiful sunny days on the trails. There is an outhouse a few steps from the entrance to the cabin.