Silver Star Chalet Grand Opening

Well we couldn’t have asked for a better day!! We are beyond words with the incredible turn out. Over 140 people came to share in this monumental day for the club. Thank you to all, including the mayor, the local MLA, representatives from BCSF and most of the people involved one way or another with the success of this project. We hope that we have done the visionaries from 1967 proud.

So many volunteer hours went into this build as we’ve mentioned over the last number of months recognizing all that have contributed time, machinery, materials and money. All of which made this possible.

Chalet Grand Opening – March 9

The Vernon Snowmobile Association (VSA) is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its new chalet. A celebration and ribbon cutting will be held on March 9th, 2024 from 10:00am until 1:00pm. All members of the public including past and present club members are invited to attend. There will be a BBQ for lunch and a firepit. Those without snowmobiles are welcome to attend as transportation to the chalet will be provided with shuttle service leaving from the snowmobile parking lot on Sovereign Lake Road.

The chalet build would not have been possible without the generous contribution of many local organizations and the tireless efforts of many club members. Donations both monetary and materials/labour were provided by many local companies including a $100,000 grant from the Province of BC. Construction efforts began in the fall of 2022 when the old chalet was demolished. Then throughout the summer and fall of 2023 the foundation was poured, and the new chalet rose on the same spot as the old chalet. The new chalet is an impressive structure built to last the next 60 years with a vaulted ceiling, generous windows allowing in natural light and a beautiful all cedar interior.

The new chalet will always be unlocked and will service a broad range of users from snowmobilers and snowshoers in the winter to mountain bikers and hikers in the summer. The (VSA) is the oldest operating snowmobile club in BC having been originally formed in 1967. The VSA supports over 160km of trails and now has a brand-new chalet within Silver Star Provincial Park and another existing chalet outside of the park towards Armstrong.

Please direct any questions to:
Grant Anderson
VSA Member
Cell: 250-549-0942
[email protected]


We’re expecting a lot of people to attend the Grand Opening on Saturday. The Upper Parking Lot (the VSA Parking Lot) will be limited to snowmobile riders & event participants.

Please follow the direction of the volunteers in the parking lot to maximize the number of vehicles we can park in the Upper Parking Lot.

If the Upper Parking Lot is full, overflow parking is available in the L Lower Parking Lot to the right of the road to the Upper Parking Lot. 

PLEASE NOTE – No Parking is allowed in the Sovereign Lake Cross Country Ski area for snowmobile traffic.

Open for the 2023-2024 Season!

Welcome to the 2023/2024 season, our 57th season on Silver Star.

We have a brand new cabin this year, a new collection hut in the parking lot and a whole lot of great sponsors supporting the club. Don’t forget to get your membership at

BE CAREFUL out there! It is very early in the season and conditions this year are marginal. Many hazards may exist especially outside of the Park, where extensive logging happened this summer. There are some logging related road deactivations in the Glacier and Passmore area that have been marked to the best of our ability, but they may require more signage as we assess the area. Creeks will be open and there may be trees on the trails. Be prepared for all conditions and don’t forget your emergency equipment and satellite communicator device to contact 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

We’ve had a very busy year so please help out where you can to identify hazards and clear trail blockages where possible. Be safe, be respectful of our mountain neighbors and enjoy the season!

Going Up!

The Vernon Snowmobile Association is very proud to present the first look at our new chalet! 56 years ago this summer the founders of our club were building the original chalet and now this amazing new building is standing.

It was a huge amount of work; Friday afternoon this was a pile of lumber and some sonnet tubes sticking out of the ground. There was a very dedicated and hard working group of volunteers at it all weekend. We were lucky to have a lot of help – Huber Construction Ltd was there all weekend with tools, machinery and a whole lot of expertise. Bernhard and Brian managed to get a bunch of snowmobilers organized and working and were so extremely patient with all of us. They taught us how to do it the right way and took the time to explain why we were doing it the way we did. In the end this beautiful new bulding is standing thanks to them and the amazing craftsmanship that Huber Construction is known for.

There’s still a lot of work to do, so if you can help please come out over the summer and give a hand.

But for now we’re having a little rest and getting back at it next weekend so this chalet will be ready for all the members and especially all the families to enjoy it next winter.

We will post here when the next work parties are happening, and over the summer we will feature the businesses and donors that helped us get here, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Well done everyone, and thank you so much!

Chalet Work Parties

It’s been a busy few weeks. Lots of time and hard work and we are ready to do this. We are still hoping to have a good turn out of volunteers for July 8th and 9th.

First load of concrete set, second load ready for the coming week, then it’s time. Let’s get this cabin built and enjoy it with our families this winter!!!

Lunch, water, drinks and snacks will be provided!! Drop a comment if you can make it.

Let’s teach the next generation to keep this sport going strong!!

WHERE?- 9am VSA PARKING LOT. From there we can direct you up to the cabin build site.

New Chalet Construction Prep

It might be officially summer but the VSA is just getting going. The club has been working hard for months making plans and preparing for the chalet build. Many many hours in the last little while have been spent preparing the build site, fixing the road and moving material to the mountain.

On Friday a dedicated crew moved the temporary shelter down to the parking lot. A lot of careful lifting and skillful driving got it safely down the road. On Saturday we had a crew up there building the forms for footings and getting ready for concrete this Friday. We couldn’t do this on our own – so many great businesses have stepped up to help:

And of course, all our dedicated members who make it all happen

July 8th and 9th is the big build day – come on out and support the club and be a part of our historic new building ! Email the club if you can make it

Vernon Snowmobile Parking Lot Plan

The trails at Silver Star Provincial park are popular with many recreation users from snowmobile, snowbike & tracked atvs to cross country skiers, snowshoers, ski tourers and other non-motorized pursuits.

Parking space within Provincial Parks is precious so we all need to work together, park in the right spot and as close as safely possible so we can all enjoy our chosen recreational activity.

On weekends and holidays our volunteer greeters will be directing people where to park to maximize efficiency. Please review the parking lot plan below and heed the directions from our volunteers so everyone can find a spot in the lot!

Reserved Parking for Snowshoers & Non-Motorized

Parking is reserved for Snowshoers & Non-Motorized from the information kiosk to the signs in the parking lot. Additional parking is available in the lower lot, with a short connector trail. During busy periods please leave this parking lot for those who need it, such as families with children & seniors.

Snowmobile Parking

Pickups and Short Truck/Trailer Combinations

Please park your pickup truck or short truck/trailer combinations facing the middle of the parking lot as indicated in the Parking Lot Plan image below. Before taking a space in the Truck & Trailer section please ensure all spaces in the Truck parking area are filled, remember to check for spaces on the other side facing the middle! 

Truck & Trailer Combinations

Park along the right side of the parking lot starting at the information kiosk continuing to the south end of the parking lot or pull into the Truck & Trailer spaces at the south end of the parking lot.

Loading/Unloading Zone

We try to maintain a snowbank for easy sled deck unloading next to the trails. Please do not park in these spaces as it prevents Trucks & Trailers from exiting the parking lot. Only use the Loading/Unloading Zone to load or unload your machine then pull your truck into the spaces facing the middle of the parking lot.